RWBY - Mirror Mirror [8-bit]
RWBY 8-bit Soundtrack


Mirror, mirror, what’s behind you?
Save me from the things I see!
I can keep it from the world
Why won’t you let me hide from me?

Apologies for anyone who expected this about a month after my Red Like Roses 8-bit cover from months ago, but better late than never! Up next are “From Shadows" and "I Burn”!

I had too much fun with this song, especially from the transition onward. I don’t have much else to say! I hope this song makes up for my speechlessness in this post. Enjoy!! :)

Art by immaevilspacewhale, music by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams, RWBY by Rooster Teeth, cover by me!

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Disney Princess Movies before and after name changes.

"how can we improve these titles?"

"… adjectives

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The 26 Pokeballs that you should know

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a white woman in utah gave birth to and killed seven babies but there are still people convinced that this country is being ruined by black single mothers raising children with government assistance

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How It Should Have Ended: Frozen [x]

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I’m laughing so hard I took a picture of my rat sittin on my sink and as I took another picture he jumped on me and all I got was the lower half of his body flying thru the air I’m crying

im still laughing at this

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